Initiative to restore the genuine VOSSO SALMON stock

"Vossolauget" was founded in 2008 with the objective to rescue the unique but endangered local stock of Atlantic salmon in the river Vosso. The first year of operation is now successfully completed. Combined efforts have enabled us to take this project from a bright idea only into a path-breaking reality. This has been possible not only by the initiative and resources made available by the salmon farmers, but also because our vision was shared by the river owners, local community, municipal and governmental authorities, sponsors and volunteers.

The competency and technology which has made Norway world leading within industrial salmon farming now returns to where it all started. The industry arose when knowledge of reproduction and cultivation from the rivers was combined with coastal expertise on how to use fishing nets. Nearly fifty years has gone by since the birth of the industry. Genes from The Vosso salmon are still well represented in the farmed stocks. Now it is time to help the endangered original in Vosso back to its old strength. The project builds on research carried out over several years about the Vosso strain, to understand why it came close to extinction, and evaluate risk factors and available measures to enhance the population. Vossolauget is scaling up and fortifying the research results which have produced the best returns so far. This is the cultivation of full grown smolt in the river system combined with open tank-based hauling of the smolt though its natural route of migration followed by near-coast release. Our first production year resulted in the release of 86 000 smolt of which 60 000 were grown in the water system and the remaining came from the Vosso-hatchery. Having completed a successful first year of operation, the plan is now to increase production to 150 000 fish annually the next four years. The Vosso-hatchery has been expanded to meet this plan. We are confident of the smolt quality and that the fish were successfully released into the ocean. Small scale releases have resulted in Due to uncertainty abut survival in the ocean we expect a meagre 1-3% return over next three year period; 2010-2012.

"Vossolauget" would like to express our gratitude towards all collaborating partners, sponsors and volunteers for their contribution so far. We are convinced they share our hope that in a few years time we can again start angling for our unique strain of salmon in Vosso!